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We repair and service the following electronic equipment.     



Industrial Monitors.
Signage Monitors.
Set top boxes.
Satellite receivers.
Android boxes.
Electronic control boards.

We Fix TVs  more

Every year some 50 million tons of electronic equipment  is thrown away with only an estimated 10 million tons being recycled.The rest finishes in landfills or worse still in open air refuse dumps in some third world country  polluting the soil,the air,the aquifers and sickening people with incurable diseases.

A good part of this  electronic waste are TV sets that are only a few years old and have been disposed off without any attempt  of being repaired at all .Most often, their unwary owners are told by the shop or retailer they had purchased it from that it is irreparable and advised to buy a new one when  in fact the majority of these TVs can be repaired and reused drastically cutting the electronic wasted dumped into the environment. And this applies to most other electrical and electronic appliances and devices too. This throw away culture has been pushed upon the consumers  by manufactures whose only interest is to sell and some have been caught actually programming the lifetime of their equipment to fail so that the unwary consumer makes a new purchase.Gone are the days when manufactures used to take pride in how much their product lasted and in  the after sales support which often lasted for years upon years beyond the guarantee period. Also the technical information given on their product is the bare minimum.All this to dissuade  people from repairing their equipment forcing them to buy new.This has put a big strain on independent repairers  who have  procure spares, technical info and sophisticated equipment  by themselves to be able  repair and service  such things as TVs,smartphones and even white goods.

Here at NTVS, we do our utmost to repair you TV and go the extra mile to save it from the dump.We continuously source components and spare parts from the four corners of the world continuously updating our technical know how and our test equipment. Our aim, is to keep your equipment running as long as possible and most importantly away from  being dumped into mother Earth.

Help us in our endeavor.

Electronics repairs 


Wied is-Seqer, Victoria, VCT 2802, Gozo


+356 2155 3800
+356 7955 3800


NTVS  started it's operations in the hot summer of 1980, at the very onset of colour TV in Malta.
Back then the repair of colour TV sets and TV aerial installations were our main activity.
Over the years we spread our activities to satellite installations, importation of, TV aerials ,Satellite reception equipment, electronic components,brown goods.

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